Surface 2: Tablet when you want it, Laptop when you need it

Microsoft is setting out to win over business customers in the market for tablets for the mobile workforce. Two common questions Microsoft gets these days from business people are: “How is Surface useful for my business?”, and “Which types of users can benefit from the different versions of Surface?” With all the innovations they’ve built into the second generation of Surface, the answers are hopefully clearer for our business customers. Surface Pro 2 is a perfect, no-compromise laptop replacement. And Surface 2 (the ARM version) is an amazing tablet for line of business scenarios and executives.

For Surface Pro 2, they make good on a laptop replacement promise with 75% additional battery life, a dual-angle kickstand to make typing easier, a docking station to turn Surface into a workstation, and a car charger for mobile warriors. Surface 2 (the ARM version) is proving popular as a line-of-business (LOB) tablet: It delivers on the core hardware requirements of weight and battery life, and then many customers either custom build their LOB app or use one from our business ISVs. Running Windows RT 8.1 also supports important business needs with Outlook, Mobile Device Management, 3rd party VPN clients and workplace join.

Businesses bringing Surface tablets on board

  • Banking and financial services customers who must meet stringent security and compliance requirements can do so with Surface and Windows 8.1. City National Bank, a boutique bank with 3,000 employees serving customers in 80 branches, use Surface Pro when opening new branches and bringing forward high-touch customer service programs.
  • In education, many schools have taken to Surface RT. The original Surface device was a great choice for schools because it came with Microsoft Office. Now, Surface 2 is an even better match and value for collaborative learning – and includes free Skype calling to landlines in 60 countries and free Skype WiFi at over two million hotspots for a year. And every Surface 2 comes with 200GB of SkyDrive free for two years.
  • Mobile sales professionals and road warriors are a natural fit for Surface. These power users love the durable magnesium body, dual-position kickstand, click-in keyboards, and a full size USB 3.0 port available in both Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2. (Microsoft, 11-04-2013)

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